From Dave

Roger Olynyk

“After 33 years serving Canada’s Military,  I was used to not being heard, with ongoing/ chronic health issues ….I had pretty much given up hope…. until I met Dr Sunil Sookram. From the second I sat in his office I knew immediately that he was different.  He stopped typing, turned and faced me and genuinely LISTENED.  

Once I had said my piece, he set up a treatment plan, sorted out all my paperwork and got everything lined up for my retirement. He went to bat for me and fought for what was right. He never stopped caring for a second I had spoken to other service members and veterans alike and we all have amazingly similar stories

I sincerely wish the best for Dr. Sookram and his bid for the Senate, he cares and is willing to fight for his beliefs. What more can you ask for in a candidate?”


Roger Olynyk